Entity Structure

Jun 28, 2024

A typical setup in Collation (in order of hierarchy) is as follows:

  • Subscriber

    • it is the party that contracts with Collation and gets its own segregated database

    • typically, this is a Wealth Manager, MFO or a SFO

  • Organizations

    • These are clients of the subscriber

    • e.g. multiple families in case of a MFO, a single family in case of a SFO

    • their data sits inside the Subscriber database but separete from other Organizations

  • Entities

    • Each Organization has multiple entities

      • these can be persons, trusts, corporates etc.

    • Entities can own all or part of other Entities

    • Entities can also own all or part of Portfolios

  • Portfolios

    • All assets are stored here (inside the relevant Currency Account)

    • Each Portfolio is owned by at least one Entity

  • Currency Accounts

    • Each Portfolio can have any number of Currency Accounts

A sample Setup

Acme Wealth Managers is a Multi Family Office that manages the wealth of a group of families / corporates. Their setup is illustrated in the diagram below.

  • Here Acme is the Subscriber

    • A Subscriber is the party contracting with Collation for Software Services (and will be paying the subscription fees charged by Collation)

    • Acme, being a subscriber, gets its own individual database in Collation

      • and Admins appointed by Acme get full access to all data in this database

  • Acme has appointed 2 people (Darryl Tuff and Loraine Bain) as admins to their database

    • In ‘Collation Speak’, Darryl and Loraine are Subscriber Admins

    • They get access to the entire database across all of Acme's clients

  • Acme has 4 clients 

    • these are the Smith Family, the Bennett family, the Armstrong family and the Howard family

    • Each such client is called an Organization

    • Each Organization's data sits inside the Subscriber's database, but is segregated from data of other clients

  • Ivy Mercer is a Relationship Manager at Acme

    • She covers Organization 1 (the Smith family) and Organization 3 (the Armstrong Family)

    • Therefore Ivy only gets access to these two organizations (and not to other clients)

  • Smith family has 3 family members

    • these are Daniel Reuben, Emma Townsend and Martin Townsend

      • each of them are an ‘Entity

    • Daniel, Emma and Martin own other Entities

      • e.g. they jointly own Wonder Investments Llc which is also an Entity

      • Wonder investment in turn owns 3 Private Equity Portfolios

    • Daniel, Emma and Martin also own some Portfolios directly

      • e.g., Daniel owns Bank Account 89655 at JP Morgan

  • Individual family members in various Organizations can also be configured to login to Collation and see all or part of their Organization's data

    • or they can rely on their Relationship Manager to generate their reports for them